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Clothes are just an outer covering, right?  So why can they take up so much of our lives?

Searching for clothes, shoes and accessories (online or in-store), buying them, storing them, putting outfits together, planning ahead for specific social events, taking control of work events, thinking of the non-verbal messages your clothes continually give, being taken seriously, sending out a party vibe, making sure that your clothes complement your own features, feeling comfortable in your own skin and your own choice of clothes....

Purchase your Colour Guide and Colour iD to discover the range of colours which complement your unique features and understand how they can be strategically used for certain occasions, body shapes and facial features,  Your Colour Guide allows you to take control of your appearance so that the bigger things in life become easier to handle too.

We send your Colour Guide to you within 24 hours of you sending your headshot selfie for colour analysis. Your Colour iD is the cornerstone service on which everything else is built - outfits, new shopping habits, wardrobe organisation, the whole deal starts here.

Once you've purchased your Colour iD service simply email your selfie head-shot and eye close up or use the Colour Elements app  - tap the message bubble in the top left screen and send your pics.

Ensure the highest quality Colour iD by taking the picture

  • in daylight
  • without the use of a flash
  • away from bright sunlight or shadows

Following your Colour iD you'll receive a copy of your element Colour Guide with information on how to use colour within your outfits.  Your element of colours is immediately accessible using our free app - click here to see it now.

 *Please note that we do not use automation. All Colour iD services are carried out by our experienced experts who will contact you upon notification of payment.  We guarantee you’ll receive the results of your Colour iD within 24 hours. 



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